Management Accounts Preparation

Management accounting is the process of applying up to date financial information within a company in such a way that it becomes a useful managerial tool, to inform decision making and to improve organisational controls.

management-accountsAt Greavy & Co Accountants we have seen the massive advantages and improvements gained for our clients by preparing monthly accounts for them.

As opposed to financial reporting, which is historical in nature and essentially tells you what has happened and perhaps what you already know, management accountancy is forward looking and tells you what possibilities and obstacles your business may face in the future.

The preparation of management accounts, in comparison to other accountancy services, are far more useful towards the day to day managerial control, decision making, performance management and accurate strategic planning of your business.

How do you think your business would improve if you could;

  • Improve the accuracy of your decision making?
  • Have the tools to measure your company and employees performance on a monthly basis?
  • Implement processes for continuous improvement?
  • Be confident in your pricing?
  • Easily see where you can make cost savings and uncover hidden profits?

We are accountants for small and growth oriented businesses. We truly believe the preparation of regular management accounts is an extremely important contributing element towards the success of any company. Additionally it is extremely rewarding for us to contribute to the growth of these businesses and see the benefits of the information we provide. We are always available to attend monthly managerial meetings and endeavour to present information in such a way that it is applicable and actionable.

by Thomas Greavy