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Do you simply lack the time and knowledge to accurately maintain your business’s financial records?

Ongoing bookkeeping demands are a huge burden for most Irish business owners.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping can lead to both time and cost savings – allowing you to focus on the more important tasks in your business.

We offer cost effective, tailor made bookkeeping solutions to suit all your business needs.

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Reliable bookkeeping by qualified accountants

Greavy and Co is a team of qualified accountants and bookkeepers based in Dublin 2. When you outsource your bookkeeping to us you can be sure that your financial records are being updated and managed according to the highest standards. When you work with us as your outsourced bookkeeping partners you will be assigned a single point of contact within our team who will be your designated bookkeeper. They will become an expert in your company’s bookkeeping requirements. Should you have any urgent queries regarding your accounts we will be well placed to provide you with accurate and efficient data in a timely manner. When you come onboard as a client we will ensure the we seemlessly integrate with any existing online accounting system or accounts software packages you might have.

Who is our bookkeeping service for?

Our bookkeeping service is for both small to medium sized business owners, sole traders and business startups throughout Ireland. Whether your business is a startup or focused on moving to the next level our outsourced services will free you up to focus on the important tasks that matter. Indeed in these post Covid-19 times running a lean, flexible business that operates as efficiently as possible is even more critical. By outsourcing time consuming, non revenue generating activities to our team of experts your business becomes more lean, efficient and flexible. We will work with you to tailor a bookkeeping solution to your current requirements.

Our bookkeeping services include;


  • Develop and maintain financial books and records for reporting and/or strategic decision-making
  • Analyse spending and revenue data categorised by item, week, month, quarter or year
  • Compare datasets to identify trends that will help you cut spending and optimise profitability


  • Find out how your business performance compares to your annual budget projections
  • Identify instances of budgetary over/under-spending to effectively re-allocate your resources
  • Conduct monthly reconciliation of debtors, creditors and your business bank account


  • Make your year-end tax filing much more convenient and cost-effective
  • Create a comprehensive spending profile to identify deductions and reduce your tax bill
  • Stay up-to-date on tax law and code changes to ensure you meet the relevant requirements


  • Connect with your payroll software to confirm payroll accuracy to ensure employees receive the right amount and your records match up
  • Monitor payment of bonuses, commission and other supplemental remuneration
  • Avoid accidentally overpaying or underpaying your business’ payroll taxes

If your business is new we can assist with company formation and company secretarial requirements.

If your business is overwhelmed by debtors we can also assist with implementing debt collection strategies.

Your Bookkeeping Questions Answered

  • What is your bookkeeping rate per hour?
What is your bookkeeping rate per hour?

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A bookkeeping partner will keep a comprehensive, accurate record of all your business expenditure and revenue, reducing the cost of your financial reporting and leaving you free to focus on your core activities.

Remove your the burden of bookkeeping and gain new financial insights without the expense of a full-time bookkeeper, by partnering with Greavy & Co.

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