Outsourced Bookkeeping Services Dublin

No matter the size of your business, outsourcing your accountancy and bookkeeping activities is an efficient solution which enables you to focus on the important revenue generating activities of your business.

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Bookkeeping Service for Small to Medium Companies

Remove your bookkeeping burden and gain new financial insights without the expense of a full-time bookkeeper, by partnering with Greavy & Co.

Every business needs to maintain financial records and reliable management accounts. The strategic capability that comes with drafting in an external bookkeeping provider can help you accelerate growth while keeping your costs down.

A bookkeeping partner will keep a comprehensive, accurate record of all your business expenditure and revenue, reducing the cost of your financial reporting and leaving you free to focus on your core activities.

Our bookkeeping service is for both small to medium sized business owners, sole traders and business startups throughout Ireland. Our expert team, based in Dublin Ireland, will be ensure the we seemlessly integrate with any existing online accounting system or accounts software packages you might have.

If your business is new we can assist with company formation and company secretarial requirements. If your business is overwhelmed by debtors we can also assist with implementing debt collection strategies.


Our Bookkeeping Services Include;


  • Develop and maintain financial books and records for reporting and/or strategic decision-making
  • Analyse spending and revenue data categorised by item, week, month, quarter or year
  • Compare datasets to identify trends that will help you cut spending and optimise profitability


  • Find out how your business performance compares to your annual budget projections
  • Identify instances of budgetary over/under-spending to effectively re-allocate your resources
  • Conduct monthly reconciliation of debtors, creditors and your business bank account


  • Make your year-end tax filing much more convenient and cost-effective
  • Create a comprehensive spending profile to identify deductions and reduce your tax bill
  • Stay up-to-date on tax law and code changes to ensure you meet the relevant requirements

Payroll Services

  • Connect with your payroll software to confirm payroll accuracy to ensure employees receive the right amount and your records match up
  • Monitor payment of bonuses, commission and other supplemental remuneration
  • Avoid accidentally overpaying or underpaying your business’ payroll taxes

Why choose Greavy & Co Bookkeeping?

Greavy & Co has developed a highly flexible bookkeeping service, designed to help accelerate SME growth by moulding around your existing resources.

These are just some of the reasons you should choose Greavy & Co:

  • Benefit from partnering with an expert accountancy firm with an expert financial eye
  • Keep exceptionally accurate records for analysis and reconciliation and for proper efficient preparation of annual accounts and tax returns.
  • Mix and match the bookkeeping services you utilise to keep costs down
  • Deploy a Greavy & Co bookkeeper in tandem with your current accountant and financial staff
  • Achieve a greater understanding of tax law and accountancy best-practice

Contact Greavy & Co to gain the comprehensive bookkeeping service you need to keep a close eye on your finances and grow your business. Call us now on (01) 604 0011 to discuss your needs.