Business Networking Groups in Dublin

September 29, 2021


Business Networking in Dublin: Where Should You Start?

Business networking is extremely beneficial for entrepreneurs and business owners of any business size. Business networking is also a dkill and can be quite a daunting prospect for many. Finding the right group or platform for you is key.

Below is a list of top business networks in Dublin for your consideration.

1. Dublin Chamber of Commerce

In general, the Dublin Chamber of Commerce stands for the interests of small- and large-sized businesses alike in Dublin. As the leading networking organisation in Ireland’s capital, the Chamber provides tremendous opportunities for supporting your business and networking with other members.

The Dublin Chamber offers a broad scope of business services, such as business training, international business opportunities, visa and export documentation and discounts for members on a variety of business services.

2. BNI Ireland

Becoming part of the largest referral network in Ireland, BNI Ireland, is proven to be not only the best but also the most cost-effective way of getting more clients and ultimately growing your business through Referrals.

BNI isn’t like other networking meetings out there where it depends on you to introduce yourself to different strangers and try to sell your business in a room consisting of some of your competitors. Instead, every person is welcomed and introduced and offered an opportunity to speak about their business. Furthermore, BNI only allows one individual per profession to participate.

3. Network Ireland

Network Ireland and Network Dublin ensures that everyone is personally welcomed by a committee member and introduced to their remarkable network of women in business.

They have an extremely eclectic group of women that come from numerous backgrounds, including those starting in business, entrepreneurs, corporations and partnerships. They share a generosity and a willingness in supporting each other and ensuring that all Networking events are a pleasure.

This business network has an incredible committee who – apart from being volunteers – feel passionately about everything. They also work to ensure that as a group, they support one another and that every person comes away feeling energised, uplifted and inspired.

4. Irish International Business Network

More often than not, people choose to do business with individuals they know and like. Irish International Business Network (IIBN) uniquely gives you access to Irish business owners and professionals around the world, both online and at regular monthly events that they host in all of their Chapter cities.

Be part of IIBN today if you have been searching for new partnership opportunities or sales, new ideas, new investment opportunities, new funding, new talent, or simply to meet intriguing new people.

5. Dublin Business Network

This is a partnership of businesses around the Dublin 18 area. It’s a group of non-competing managers/owners representing a huge variety of trades and professions that assist one other to find new business. They meet weekly and pass – on averagely – one referral per member after several weeks. Dublin Business Network operates on a “one person per profession/trade” policy. Therefore, no conflicts of interest may come up.

6. Meetup

Meetup is an online platform that is certainly worth a mention. is an international organisation which enables you to find groups in nearly all corners of the world. There are many groups based around very niche topics and/or locales so you should be able to find a group that’s specific to your given area of interest. And if you cannot find a group that matches your criteria, then you can create your own group and draw other individuals in to become members.

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