How to choose the right accountant for your business

So you’ve decided you need to change accountants for whatever reason or perhaps you’re new in business and selecting an accountant is one of your first tasks in bringing your system together.

How do you make sure you choose an accountant who is the right fit for you?

Shop around

Most accountancy practices in dublin and throughout Ireland offer free consultations so take advantage and meet with as many accountants as possible to get a good feel for what is on offer, at what cost and importantly, who you click with. At Greavy and Co we place alot of importance on this first meeting. It’s equally as importnat for the accountant to feel that they can offer value to the client.

Make sure you fit their target client profile

As with any service you engage with for your business make sure you are never the smallest or the largest client they have. There  are pitfalls to both. Ask about their average client profile – industry, size of company, turnover, etc. Ideally find an accountant whose typical client profile matches your business

Who will be in charge of your accounts

Make sure you are also meeting with the person(s) who will deal with your accounts.  It is most likely that these will be the people you will be in contact with the most. Make sure you think they are people you can deal with.

Is there a potential conflict of interest?

Are any of their other clients, friends or family major competitors of yours. Avoid any possibility of compromising your inner circle information, even if unintentionally.

How flexible are they?

Do you need to make an appointment a week in advance to speak with someone about your accounts? Do you have to have all your receipts and invoices in by a certain date for year end accounts? Can you work within their restrictions?

If you need any further information pick up the phone and call us today. Greavy and Co are conveniently located at Clanwilliam Square in Dublin 2.

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