Top 5 Coworking and Serviced Office Spaces in Dublin

September 29, 2021


The Covid pandemic and work from home orders over the past 18 months has been a challenging time for the majority of business owners. But there is no denying that for many the flexibility of working arrangements and new approaches to meeting and collaboration which emerged as a result were a major positive.

For business owners or new business startups – if continued flexibility is practical for them and their team – then serviced offices and coworking spaces might offer an efficient and effective solution going forward.

Below we list some of the best options for shared office facilities in and around Dublin City.

Iconic Offices

From custom-fit-outs to coworking, there is a suitable match for your budget and business. Whether you’re an international brand or simply a one-person startup, there is space to fit your budget across 16 locations in Dublin. Workspace for a day, week, month or even a year – find the best solutions as unique as you are. No matter your situation, they’re always here to support you through the process.

They truly believe that people require the right environment to perform their best work. Therefore, they ensure that all their workspaces in Dublin are designed with you and your organisation’s success in mind. Their spaces are accompanied by custom-built furniture to enable long hours of meetings, planning and brainstorming, while acoustics and lighting guarantee maximum productivity.


The startup scene is booming in Dublin. As one of the best financial centres when it comes to international business and commerce, ambitious people want to utilise this. With 5 locations in Dublin, coworking spaces in this Irish capital make it much easier for the youngest businesses to get a footprint in this city. It might be an individual space for driving private productivity or an open plan made to fuel team collaboration.

Shared offices in Dublin are uniquely made to appeal to contemporary professionals who understand what they are looking for in a workspace. Most of them are occupied by small- and medium-sized enterprises, which proves that you don’t need to be part of a large institution to do business in Dublin. With so many possibilities for different industries, it’s no surprise why small businesses, startups, and independent contractors are flocking to these coworking spaces in Dublin.


With six office locations in Dublin, Glandore offers fully fitted meeting and coworking spaces in Dublin. They provide flexible workspace solutions for all teams with virtual offices, private offices, coworking space, event space, meeting rooms, and an exclusive members network.

They have a great team well-known for their exceptional service, as well as a flexible can-do attitude. As a family business, they focus on building long-lasting relationships and connections with their members and partners. They provide their members with more than simply office space; they commit themselves to create environments that support and encourage the growth of the companies they house.


You should consider making a home for your business with a well-serviced private office in any of Regus’ 10 locations in Dublin. Their offices have every detail taken care of – including the furniture and the high-speed WiFi. That means you can prioritise progressing your business. Get flexible office spaces that require rent by the day, or stay for longer and customise your space to match the unique requirements of your business.

Regus provides a wide selection of serviced office space packages and flexible membership options in different locations throughout the world. You can leave everything to Regus so your office is set up and ready to use to meet your requirements, both on-demand or long-term. They also provide workplace recovery plans for organisations that require to find temporary serviced office space instantly.

Sky Business Centres

Located on the northside of Dublin and offering 5 locations, Sky Business Centres provides virtual office facilities and fully serviced offices to their clients worldwide. Their office sizes vary from one-person offices to 20-person offices and offer a personalised office solution to match your company needs.

They offer many flexible serviced offices that give you the convenience of a furnished workspace uniquely made as per your business needs. They also provide different virtual office solutions for individuals who need a professional business presence without a physical office space, offering you the tools to enable your business to grow.

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