Visiting Dublin for business? Don’t miss these top tourist attractions

September 29, 2021


Dublin is not just Ireland’s capital; it is one of the most historically important cities in Europe and has a spectacular array of attractions to pique every interest. One of the best things about the city is that it still retains a small-town feel that visitors always find charming. While there are numerous things and places to explore in the city, here are our picks for the top 5 attractions in Dublin which you should try visit during your business trip:

1. Irish Whiskey Museum

The Irish Whiskey Museum tells the complete and unbiased history of Irish whiskey, which includes the Irish people’s deadly first attempts at distilling. It is independent of all whiskey distilleries, offering visitors the opportunity to taste and experience a huge collection of Irish whiskey. Tours take place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily and finish with a tasting that will educate both novices and experts.

2. EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is a fascinating museum established in 2016 and is located in the city’s docklands area. It provides an in-depth account of Irish emigration over the centuries. All told, there are over 20 separate themed galleries to be explored, dealing with not only the history of Irish migration but also the influence the Irish have had in the places they settled.

3. Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham Gaol is, for most of the Irish population, a symbol of their rebellion against British domination. The forbidding gaol (jail), which dates back to 1789, is an important site in the history of Irish nationalism. It was here that leaders of the rebellion were first incarcerated and later executed for what was viewed as an act of high treason. The exhibition gives a taste of what conditions were like and outlines the struggle for Irish independence.

4. Guinness Storehouse

Guinness Storehouse is arguably one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dublin. It is an interactive, seven-story structure showcasing the history and process behind Ireland’s most famous export. Dating back to 1902 and designed around a pint glass-shaped atrium, the building served as a fermentation plant (where yeast is added to the brew) for the St. James’s Gate Brewery before it opened its doors to visitors.

5. National Gallery of Ireland

The National Gallery of Ireland houses the finest collection of Irish art in the world, as well as an impressive collection of European art dating back from the Middle Ages to the present day, which makes it a must-see attraction while in Dublin. The gallery opened in 1864, with wings added in 1903, 1968, and 2002. The gallery is spread over four levels and regularly hosts impressive temporary exhibitions. Collections include seven rooms devoted to Irish art, the Yeats Museum, the Shaw Room, Italian Painters, and the Baroque Room.

Final Thoughts

If you have never visited Dublin before, it is quite clear by now that there’s much to be enjoyed in the city. Still, there’s plenty more to see and things to do in and around Dublin. In fact, there’s enough art, culture, and character to fill a month-long itinerary and still leave you yearning for more. However, when in Dublin, don’t forget to explore the five attractions featured here.

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